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Tips for getting the best prints from your digital images:

First and foremost, you are ALWAYS welcome to order additional prints through me.  I print with a professional print lab and am fully confident in
their capabilities to reproduce the images I have created for you.  They print on Kodak Endura paper which will remain beautiful in your home for over one hundred years.  My lab has about a 2-3 day turn around, so I can have your portraits for you quickly - even in a pinch!

If you are printing on your own, in order to ensure the best color, sharpness, and overall print quality possible,I would recommend using a print company that specializes in high end printing, such as Mpix, Nations Photo Lab,  or Shutterfly.  Companies such as these use the latest methods of color calibrating and ensure that their equipment is up to date with the industry’s print demands and quality specifications. 


Some companies you may want to stay away from are big box stores stuch as Walgreens, Target, and Walmart along with Snapfish.  Although pricing may seem very reasonable, you may or may not get an exact copy of the image I produced.  I take care and spend considerable time color balancing, processing, and retouching my images to give you the best product I can possibly deliver.  I want you to have portraits that you absolutely love to look at each and every day and that you are proud to give to grandparents,aunts, and uncles.  

It is imperative that you turn off any color enhancement program or option that your printing company of choice may offer (Shutterfly calls this “VividPics” - I don’t know what other companies may call it).  I have already color corrected and enhanced your images and it is likely that the prints you receive will look very different from what you saw on your computer screen if your choice of printer "color corrects" them.

My camera shoots at a 2x3 aspect ratio.  This is Canon’s design.  If you are printing 8x10’s or 5x7’s, please note that you will need to use your print company’s editing software to crop the image to the new proportions.
Please make sure that you review each image at each size that you’ve chosen to ensure that your crop is set up to create the final image you’re looking for. 


I cannot be responsible for the results of any printing not done through my print lab. 

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